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What is PRO 2 ?

PRO 2 is a conveniently-sized container of cooled, high-purity, breathable oxygen to aid in the recovery from a variety of physiologically stressed or impaired conditions; to revitalize  during periods of physical exertion or mental lethargy; and to stimulate the body at times when peak performance is required. It can be used by athletes, skiers and hill walkers, choristers and professional singers, tired students and seniors, drivers and air travellers and people generally requiring relief from urban pollution.

Why use oxygen?

Oxygen is humanity’s element of life. Without it, we are nothing; with a deficiency, we are lethargic and unable to fulfill our potential; with full saturation, we can be mentally and physically alert with a sense of vigour and well-being.

Why use PRO 2 Oxygen?

PRO 2 uses adsorbent technology to enable upto 3 times the volume of oxygen to be stored in a container than could be stored by compression alone. The technology also allows the oxygen to be delivered in a cool, ultrapure, refreshing state with adequate pressure until fully discharged.

Where can I buy PRO 2 Oxygen?

PRO 2 Oxygen can be purchased on this website.

How much does PRO 2 Oxygen cost?

A single PRO2 refill, containing 20 litres of oxygen, costs from £18.50 to around £95.00 depending on number of PRO2 canisters within the pack and which mask options are selected.

Why is the PRO 2 Oxygen canister heavier than other brands?

It’s the weight of the adsorbent employed in this technology. You wouldn’t expect the Tardis to weigh the same as a normal police box, would you!? The actual weight of oxygen gas in a 20 L canister of PRO 2 is around 27 grams and so the canister will be this much lighter when the all of the oxygen content has been discharged.

How many inhalations are in a PRO 2 Oxygen canister?

The tidal volume is the volume displaced between normal inhalation and exhalation. In a healthy, young adult of average build, this approximates to 500 ml. Since PRO 2 contains 20,000 ml of oxygen (20 litres), the expected number of inhalations is about 40 and will vary depending upon whether the breaths are short or deep and whether the user is small or large.

What are the instructions for use?

Attach the inverted inhaler cup to the canister, ensuring a good fit so that there is no escape of oxygen until the lever is depressed. Place the mask or inhaler cup over the mouth and nose (in the case of the medical mask, tighten the straps so that it sits securely and comfortably on the face). Press the button/lever down gently to activate oxygen flow.

Note: it is important to moderate the flow to release the correct amount of oxygen required. The valve will release large volumes of oxygen very quickly if the button is activated fully, and in turn will reduce how long the oxygen lasts.

Breathe normally. If using for increased performance/recovery use the PRO2 intermittently (3 to 4 breaths) directly before/after vigorous exercise.


Ensure that the can is only activated whilst inhaling.

How do I know when to replace my PRO 2 Oxygen canister?

When the oxygen no longer flows, the can is empty. However, if the can has been used continuously, the can and adsorbent will be cold. In this case, allow the canister and its contents to reach room temperature to enable the final volumes to be used. Do NOT heat the canister by external means.

Can I take canned oxygen on a passenger plane?

Most aviation authorities do not permit the carriage of recreational oxygen in either checked or carry-on baggage. Oxygen can sometimes be made available during flight for people with respiratory conditions but this can be an expensive undertaking and policies vary widely between the different airlines. It is recommended to consume a canister before the flight.


Safety Information


Always observe the safety rules when using oxygen, always consult your GP or health specialist before using oxygen.


Please see the Warning information on the canisters for information on the hazards of the pressurised container.

Oxygen is non-flammable, however, flammable substances will ignite much more easily in the presence of concentrated oxygen and careful precautions must be taken. May burst if heated. Protect from sunlight. Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius.

  • Do NOT smoke where oxygen is being used. Any combustible material, such as alcohol, perfumes, or propane, must be kept away from oxygen containers.

  • Do NOT use oxygen around open flames, matches, cigarette lighters, candles or cigarettes.

  • Do NOT use oxygen around other sources of heat, such as gas or electric heaters or cookers.

Any other question?

Please contact us via our contact page.

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