2x PRO2 22 Litre Canisters With Mask (44 Litres Total)

2x PRO2 22 Litre Canisters With Mask (44 Litres Total)

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Two 22 litre PRO2 canisters with a high concentration oxygen mask.

44 litres of oxygen total.


What makes PRO2 special is that it contains an adsorbent which is specially designed to store a much larger volume of oxygen than could be otherwise stored using compression alone. For this reason the device contains and delivers up to three times the quantity of similar container volume products, offering by far and away the best value breathing oxygen on the market.


PRO2 contains 22 litres of oxygen in a 650 ml canister.

(Dimensions: (per PRO2 canister) Diameter 65mm, Height 225mm)

  • Lifetime of product

    This product should be replaced after one year or after the oxygen has been used completely.


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